A little tip

A little tip

Not an easy topic, one that is worth while however!

First off let me say that I take great strides with my oral care, not just brushing my teeth but also gargling with mouth wash and the occasional stick of sugar free gum. However even with all those methods to freshen my breath, when performing Urine Therapy or Urotherapy I sometimes still get a little burp several hours after the initial morning sampling. Also I try and drink a mint tea mid morning to try to counter act the effects. Even with that I still get the burp..

Even after trying to eat a few sprigs of mint which helps cleanse your dietary tract as it gets digested after my sampling and breakfast..etc and for some reason it still does that one or two burps where it brings up the smell. If I'm unlucky enough to be conversing with someone at the time it can be rather embarrassing.

Before you reply thinking it is the Urine therapy that is causing this burp, this also happens with other beverages and this is also not exclusive to me only. Also we have gotten other people emailing us with requests for solutions so they could try to counter act the effects. As it seems to be the only draw back we have known about or encountered.

A suggestion I took from a good friend of mine who also does UT was to mention that if it does happen to simply say "Excuse me, I'm on a Apple Cider diet..". Apple Cider gives a similar effect as it makes people burp.  We realize this isn't much of a solution, however it could help those that are having issues with the reproductions of taking UT.

This may not be a solution, however it can help explain away any embarrassment that may occur.  Let us know what you do if you suffer from this side effect.

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