"You're Insane!" is often the phrase I hear when I tell people that I use my UT as tooth whitening also. They cannot believe that I do that. They instead believe it's some sick modern hippie ritual, yet it dates back to the ancient Roman & Greek times, in fact the Roman poet Catullus made references to urine being used to whiten teeth. It's the ammonia in the urine will help whitening your teeth, of course no company will sell you urine so they have used a light bleach instead. They produce such cute little packages to sell you this bleach product.

The ancients weren't wrong about using urine to whiten their smiles ( and their health ), after all it does work. It isn't as effective as the bleach and all the other chemicals you're ingesting, yet when you perform UT swishing it around in your mouth over time will improve the whiteness of your smile and often mouth health. Again, no dentist will admit that it works, mainly because there's no revenue in it for them. There's no product to sell you because you are essentially making your own tooth whitening product. Minus the cute little packaging..etc.

Think about it, which doctor or dentist would prescribe UT for any health related remedy. There is no money in it for them or anyone, so there won't ever be any research being done on tooth whitening using UT or even the many health benefits of performing UT. Simply because there's no profit, so there's no point in doing any research what so ever on UT tooth whitening. That is why this website exists, to give you information and another point of view so you can make your own informed decision.

If you'd like to read more on a funny take on teeth whitening and some good and accurate information.

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