Urine Therapy

Discover how Urine Therapy has been used as for common skin ailments, such as Acne medicine to Athletes foot, Callus Remedy even a Psoriasis treatment or a Yeast Infection remedy. Explore with us how this centuries old practice can help you stay healthy!

Urotherapy otherwise known as  urea therapy, urinotherapy, uropoty, auto-urotherapy are all different names/terms for Urine Therapy. You may have heard about amaroli or shivambu which are ancient Hindu ( or yoga style, Auto-Urine ) drinking urine rituals. Urolagnia (or urophilia, undinism) which is the practice of ingesting urine for sexual excitement, which is not considered urine therapy.

For all the urophiliacs out there know about “Liquid gold” and how the urine therapy benefits is essential for anyone seeking good health.    ( For an explanation on all terms, please check out our FAQ )

Urine Therapy

A question we often get is “Does urine therapy work ?”  It has for us and for others world-wide. But medical science and researchers claim it does help at all, one wonders if they are really seriously looking into this ancient practice of urotherapy. A remedy that one produces themselves, and no real amounts of money can be made from this practice. So no real research is being done on this subject.


What we have found is that drinking a small amount of morning urine actually helps create a flu like symptoms in our bodies that allows the immune system to develop antibodies which help fight such ailments as colds and flues. We’ll keep exploring what other urine therapy benefits there are and post them here on Urotherapy.com .

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