Yeast infection home remedy

There are many names for yeast infection and Candida is one of them, the technical term for this is Candidiasis or candida which is a fungal infection. Thrush is the oral version of candida. A yeast infection can be caused by such things as a heavily detergent douche something that would interrupt the balance of the vaginal flora (The bacteria that helps keep the vagina healthy).

What happens when a woman has a Candidiasis outbreak?
There is a range of yeast infection symptoms that happen are, everything from an increased foul order to cottage cheese like discharge. Itching and redness can also occur, this all leads to serious discomfort to the woman it has attacked. And if left unchecked this can also lead to a serious potential health problem, including death in a worst case scenario!

And this has been known to be some what contagious so can also be passed along to their sexual partner, men can even get this. Occasionally it does happen in men and they almost get the same symptoms.

What can you do?
If this is something simple like you have used a store bought douche and had a reaction, obviously stop using that product. Read the instructions and see what you maybe allergic to. There is a safer alternative to using a store bought douche, consider essential oils. Rose oil is perfect for leaving a sweet rose like scent while performing the same tasks as a over the counter douche. As well your own urine can also help cleanse as well as a yeast infection home remedy.

Is there prevention?
Yes there is, Urine Therapy can help aid in preventing a yeast infection outbreak. They always seem to happen at the most inconvenient of times. So why not use urine therapy as a prevention. Ingesting a small amount of your own urine in the morning (capturing it mid stream) will help boost your immune system. Its the Urea in your urine helps heal and aid in all sort of health related issues in your body.

Your diet can be a major factor, certain foods can lower your immune system because of the lack of vitamins your body craves are in the foods you eat. Cut back on the amount of junk food you consume, also getting rest and drinking plenty of water.  Try and keep your stress level down as this could potentially inhibit your recovery time.

Urine Therapy??
Well this isn’t the most popular of dinner table discussions, try and remember the last time you’ve brought this up while passing the potatoes? The Urea in your urine is the key to helping you when you can’t turn to Over The Counter medications. And urine therapy has helped many people over the centuries.

If you are not willing to try urine therapy to help you with your yeast infection, consider trying another method. Why suffer any longer,


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