Waste product

Some claim Urine is a waste product, yes this is true. Since all fluids one takes in, the body extracts any nutrients from the fluids and then outputs the remaining fluids.

There are claims urine is a waste product only because it is leaving the body through urination, where else would it go?

There is proven ingredients in the urine are usually sterile, they include water(which is the main ingredient), anti-bodies, enzymes, hormones,  minerals,proteins and urea.

Urea is a anti-bacterial and anti-fungal solution, some famous people have been using urine for centuries to deal with everything from skin problems to athletes foot.

With all of the hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial soaps on the market, no wonder we are becoming so anti-bacteria free that these regular bugs in hospitals are now becoming super bugs.

So knowing this, urine could effectively cause a slight cold like symptom to create anti-bodies to help fight colds and flues.

So is this really a waste product, when there are so many different uses?

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