Urine Therapy For Acne Treatment

Urine Therapy For Acne Treatment

Acne can be a really serious devastating skin condition for some, a condition that can rival psoriasis or eczema to some people. And the cost to combat this condition with any OTC acne treatment can run from hundreds if not thousands on treatments and ointments. And they don't not always help the situation.

What do you do when you have tried it all?

You have tried different acne treatments and they just haven't worked for you. Well you do produce a natural substance that has been known to help with severe to light acne. Urine Therapy has been used for centuries for different ailments, since the ancients first discovered there was more uses for urine than just the obvious relieving one’s self.

What is Urine Therapy?
Urine therapy ( also known as urotherapy ) is usually either ingested or externally applied on ones skin, usually face or other areas. Since it has been known to help with common skin disorders.

What is the composition of urine?
Urine consists of 95% Water, 2% Urea, 0.5% Ammonia, 0.4% Salt, 0.2% Creatinine, varying amounts of Uric Acid plus hormones and vitamins and minerals that the body didn’t need.  So recapturing the vitamins and minerals is what Urine therapy is mostly about. Urine is also considered by many as being a waste product. True it does excrete from the body as fluids, but  a waste product would mean there would be no use what so ever, hence the word “waste” but there can be a lot of uses for Urine!

Why should you trust it?
Only you know what you drink during the day. Whatever you have consumed by drinking is what generally you excrete. Drinking healthier liquids will help you. Try drinking Cranberry juice, this juice removes most toxins and flushes you out.

As well there are no harmful chemicals coming out of your body, or at least let’s hope not. So there should not be any serious reaction using urine therapy for acne.

Urine therapy for acne?

How does urine clear acne?
Its actually the Urea in the urine that is being excreted, that is what you want to capture. You want to apply that to the effected acne outbreak area. With different people will expect different results.

How to use urine as a acne treatment?
So when the eruption of the skin other wise known as Acne occurs one can capture some urine mid stream first thing in the morning. Use anything from a cotton swab, face cloth or small brush. Apply to the effected area, allow to dry then rinse off.

Again, urine therapy for acne? Really?

There is no cost to try this, we would suggest if you have any concerns to make an appointment with your doctor and discuss it.

If you are not completely convinced that urine therapy will help you with your acne problem there is another way, why suffer any longer??

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4 Replies to “Urine Therapy For Acne Treatment”

  1. magdy almaghraby

    There is no any study that supports this at all, and this is very primitive thinking and there is no any evidence proved medicine to support that!!!

    1. Urea Post author

      Why would there be any studies? No money to be made off of selling any medicines you don't have to use. The practice has been well documented being used since times of Ancient India.

      And included for a time in many survival manuals. They only reason that they removed it was the concern over dehydration. Which they did site.

      Often the old remedies are sometime the best.. Research it for yourself!

  2. Cheryl Jobe

    I had systemic candidas and tried a 14 day distilled water and urine fast as well as topically using uring on my candidas rash which manifested mainly on my hands. It seems that the candida is now under control and if my hands get itchy I simply rub in my urine (old urine is best I have found – 24-48 hours old). within a couple of hours the itch goes. I have had no more rash manifestations since the fast …. only slight itching from time to time. I am eating a 95 per cent raw diet of mainly fruits but also a lot of vegetables. I have been on this diet for the last 10 years. How did I get systemic candidas? i was doing the salt water flush EVERY day for years, then decided to stop and used rejuvelac to try to repopulate my tummy with good bacteria. For some reason this created mayhem in my system and I got systemic candidas. I am also using an acidophilous probiotic from the Barefood Herbalist which is excellent.


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