What You Should Know About Urine Therapy

Urine Therapy has been used for centuries for common skin ailments, such as acne medicine to athletes foot, callus remedy even a eczema & psoriasis treatment. Hair loss is a more recently claim.

What is Urine anyways?  Urine is 95% water which contains left over hormones, minerals, salts,  and urea, basically it is what is not needed by the body at that time. Therefore it should not be call urine a wast product.

Since there are so many different uses for urine one can clean a wound with it but only if it is fresh urine in a survival situation, it is sterile. Water plants with it, clean skin as mentioned of some common conditions.

The result of a breakdown of nitrogen compounds. Acting as an emollient cream, it can trap water in the skin. This helps with eczema.

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