How to Apply Urine Therapy

There are many uses for UT.  So many that we can only list a few.

In general UT can be used externally and internally. We'll discuss a few uses. As mentioned there are a lot of uses of UT. These are just a few.

For Acne, some have used cotton balls, or a face cloth for acne. This helps apply UT to the face and other effected areas. Leaving on the area for as long as possible. For other skin conditions, as mentioned above leave on the face for the tightening of pours or the affected area for as long as possible.

For Athlete's foot, apply directly to the effected areas. Usually feet and even hands. UT should soften with continual use.

For Sterile enemas, some who perform UT, wish to be completely clean when flushing themselves out. UT helps aid in that effort to help sterilize.

For Healing wounds, if you catch yourself out in the woods, far away from help, some outdoor enthusiasts have used urine to sterilize their wounds. This happens through application directly to the affected area.

For use in a Spiritual sense, Shivambu is more of a ancient belief that UT can also take one to another spiritual level. We have used Reiki with UT. We know we're paraphrasing, since we're just scratching the surface with this topic on this page.

In the days of antiquity, urine was used to soften leather and other materials to be ready to be sewn.

Because UT isn't some commercialized produced product, and produced naturally. UT is considered more holistic in nature, so UT may take a while to start working, if at all.

UT is mainly about overall health of the individual. And should never be considered a quick fix, ever. For some that partake in UT, this is more of a commitment, rather than a quick fix. Which is exactly those do not want to hear.  In this easy button, fix it now state of society.

If your urine has a malodorous smell to it, perhaps this is the indication of a much larger problem. And you should consult with your doctor or health care provider.

Here are videos on UT / Shivambu;

Feel free to leave your comments on uses of UT in the comments section below.

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