Urophagia – in the future we’ll all be drinking urine

Urophagia – in the future we'll all be drinking urine

Although still practiced by some tribal people, Urophagia is more widely referred to as urine therapy and is described as an alternative medicine in most cases, but why is that? Why is there no research, well it's about urine most people will just respond. Why then has it been practiced for centuries in some cultures?

The reason for the lack of research not being done on the subject is, western society has turned it from a harmless practice to almost demonized the act. "It's gross" some still think, yet some still feed from animals in a similar fashion.

It's gross, why not try researching how hot dogs are made sometime. Now, that is Gross!

The foods that we are all putting into our bodies are making us sick. Fast Food is slowly replacing full meals, people are so stressed out from working dead end jobs that it's just easier to feed their families ready to eat meals.

And these ideals are keeping us sick, or even keeping us artificially fat, I stopped drinking milk about five years ago now, I have lost over 100 pounds!
Chew, if you will, on that fact for awhile. I was actually keeping myself almost to the point of obese by drinking regular store bought milk. I switched to almond milk to wean myself off regular cow's milk.

A friend of mine's son is 8 years old, and is as almost as tall as he is, hormones in the food. Not so much GMOs but hormones.

Another added benefit was that it was also making my urine smell, similar to eating asparagus. Which now doesn't have a dark color to it, and my urine no longer smells.

Once society deems urine therapy or Urophagia  as more of a ritualistic approach to a more naturopathic view on health care, we'll still be hooked on medicines from companies who don't care about patients, they only seem to care about profits.

Urophagia – in the future we'll all be drinking urine

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