No Research

No Research

Over the years since we've had our website up, we've had a couple repeating questions over and over again about UT. Ever wonder why there's no research being done on UT?

There's No Research on UT, so why should I research it?
Currently there is no research being conducted on Urine Therapy, mostly due to the fact that there isn't any real money in UT. No company can market Urotherapy, since you basically make it yourself.

These nay sayers who claim UT is gross and doesn't work. Well understand it doesn't work on your time schedule. And what medicines really are, are a concentrated combination of different ingredients combined so the effectiveness will help within a few days of taking the medicine. So the company cannot use naturopathic ingredients and claim it as theirs. We're most certainly not suggesting you not take any prescribed medicines either!

Why doesn't UT have the same effect?
Because you make it,  there can be no additions or ingredients to UT in order to increase it's potency or to increase UT's effectiveness. And plus you may have to ingest gallons, upon gallons of UT to be able to combat the illness or issue. Which isn't UT at it's heart.

If UT has been around for centuries, why is it not as popular?
Do you really think that this is going to ever be a topic over the dinner table? Oh and please pass the potatoes, Thanks! 😉

It's considered a waste product!
It's true, You do loose some of the nutrients from UT when you go to the bathroom. UT in it's core is also about testing what your urine is trying to tell you through taste and smell. Therefore we don't look at it as a waste product, only recently some survival specialists have

It's Gross, Gross, Gross, so why do I need it?
Well maybe you don't, if that's your attitude, you're not sick if you do happen to try it and it may not work for you the way you want it, nor will it do your taxes for you either..

In the end, UT may not be right for you, but it's right for someone who wants to take a more active approach to their own personal healthcare.


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