It’s gross

It's Gross!

"It's gross, it's gross, it's gross!!" which is the most common reactions to the truth being told. You or some one you know performs UT. Be sure not to "out" that person, as nobody would ever like that.

I've asked those in the past that have proclaimed that statement, "Oh, What's gross?  You mean like Chocolate covered bees or some other insect?" They'll often agree with me that those are equally gross.

Our point is here, is that anything can be viewed as gross to a lot of other people, still, they continually do those gross things. Using hand cream made from goat milk for example. If you're talking about what you perform UT  and it's just announced that it's gross, then they seem to automatically shut down.

Finding out in the past that some people have a built-in belief system that if ever threatened, the thought or notion is automatically shut down. "I was always told it was gross!" so they form an option based on that.

Our point is, no matter what anyone does, those that are closed minded will always find fault in almost anything that you say/believe/do. We feel that's it's a matter of, it's  Your life, your  body, your choice..

If you consent to use UT in your daily life then you may be taking an active control of your health as practiced by those in India for thousands of years. Not just being another passive patient. Even asking general questions to your doctor, or doing research about what has been prescribed to you helps. Every little bit helps.

We're not giving anyone medical advice, we're also not  claiming to be doctors ( as per our numerous disclaimers ), we're also not healthcare  or paid researchers proving or disproving anything. Associated or otherwise.

We're just saying with UT we are given another option, just because it is deemed "Gross" by others doesn't necessarily make it real or popular.  Again, Your life, your  body, your choice.

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