Misconceptions about UT

Not a lot in the way of news regarding UT, although there is a question we do get a lot here at the website, mostly from people who do not want to leave a message but want to contact us is; How much urine is needed for Urine Therapy to work?

And while we aren't doctors, we are just passionate about UT and our health. We're not going to suggest any amount of what's right for you. It may not be right for you after all. UT is not something for sexual excitement. That would be  Urolagnia (or urophilia, undinism) which is the practice of ingesting urine for sexual excitement, which is not considered urine therapy. Then there is no real amount..

And the only real research has been done decades ago, since there's no "money in it".. So no future research is planned. Nobody can charge for what you produce naturally.

"UT" since we finding now we need to abbreviate the term stands for, Urotherapy or even Urine Therapy, as certain social media networks are frowning on the use of Urine Therapy. Society still frowns upon it too.. as society mostly does.

Misconceptions about UT

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  1. karen ashley

    My understanding for actual therapy is to drink as much as possible of one’s own urine. So far as another’s is concerned I have only allowed one other person to drink mine because I thought their life was in danger.
    However it would appear that drinking someone elses urine would have the effect of sexual arousal and indeed I think it should be limited to the other half of a couple since it would have a possessive result and be too intimate to share with a complete stranger, unless, of course they were dying, and it was needed to save their life.

    1. Urea Post author

      Hi Karen, Thanks for the comment.

      I agree with you, it would be too intimate to share with a stranger. If consuming theirs, would you have their complete medical history available? Do you really know if they’re on some sort of medication that can be transferred. In other words, you’d have to really know the person, to be able to trust them like that. With my best friend, we do UT together as more of a ritualistic activity. I’ve known her for a long, long time, we know each others health status. Realizing that this isn’t really UT, so I don’t normally post anything about it.


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