Copper water bottle

Copper water bottle, I love mine. I get compliments on it from time to time.

I find it's great for when I'm on the go, running errands. I made a  leather strap for mine, that says my name on it. As this is my third copper water bottle to have grown legs and walked away...

As for the whole Copper construction, the reason we're so interested in the main component "Copper" is because of the copper reactions with the UT. This is something that we are doing. We're not suggesting any thing, if you were wanting to. That's on your consent.

As for the performance of the water bottle, it's great, doesn't leak. And I've noticed it changes the contents, when left for a while, not too long though. Rinsing it out with hot water, helps keeps things fresh, clean and if it's boiling water, sanitary.

Occasionally when I do put alkaline water in my copper water bottle, it really does excite the taste!

They're affordable enough for almost UT follower to get one. Just because we choose to conduct our UT in a copper water bottle is just out of convenience. It in no way reflects the amount we choose at the time of sampling.

Similar to my current one.

The one with legs..

I really like the protective carrying case, with these copper water bottles.

There you have choices.


Copper water bottle

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