Drinking a pint a day

Taken from an article dated , Drinking a pint a day of UT. This woman claims it helps her beauty as well as her overall health. The article suggests that the woman consumes a pint of her own urine per day. It may seem like quite a lot to consume to some. To each their own, we say. We do receive a lot of questions asking on urine therapy how much to drink ,  does urine therapy work, or  the health benefits of urine therapy.

There are no rules, no requirements, or any real research on UT. No real money to be made, since you don't have to pay for anything to perform UT. We do suggest drinking plenty of water though when performing UT as our bodies need the water. Don't stop drinking water!  Purify the water, if you can. We suggested even storing the UT for short periods of time in a Copper water bottle  ( No longer than an hour, over five hours could turn it rancid! There's the YUK!! ).  The copper does help a lot we find. We've also found it changes the taste, quite a bit. We carry our copper bottle around while doing errands.

Also we should make mention regarding some of the emails we received that told us we should post something about not mixing UT with something like Orange juice. The only thing that seemed like a good suggestion was mixing it with honey. Although there is no real fact checking or research done.

The truth is, if your pee smells bad or even tastes bad, to yourself or to others, then most likely it is bad. As mentioned many times throughout this website located below, we're not doctors, or researchers even, we feel it's just common sense. Our bodies let us know when we feel pain, also orders coming off and from our bodies also alert us to issues.

Realizing that UT isn't for everyone. Perhaps, it's not even right for you, or if your that disgusted by it. UT may not work for you either, since for a lot of people it's a commitment issue. We were always told it's like a daily test. It may also be commitment issues yourself or a friend that has with UT. We not here to convince you otherwise.

A respected elder that I used to know, would constantly tell me,"If your pee smells bad, it is!"  No wonder so many say "YUK" from the start, it's that past memory of what their pee smells like. Or the memory of when you were in a public restroom using the facilities, and someone in the next stall starts to pee and you can smell it from the next stall even..

What you ingest flows through you, so if you happen to be on some heavy prescribed medications, well it could possibly change the colour and the taste of the urine. As mentioned before, drink lots of water, which may help aid in the UT process. Also we find, capturing the UT mid stream helps too.

Perhaps this is more of a wake up call on what we normally eat during our daily lives, what chemicals are we putting in our bodies, what foods have been tampered with and effect our bodies, and our urine. Keep drinking water throughout your day!

How much do you consume per day? 

Leave your comments below. And please, no "YUK" comments... We've already gotten that a lot already...

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Drinking a pint a day

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