Someone asked me recently, that since we're into UT, if we were also accepting of the Flat Earth theory. As said on some social media outlets there are those who equate flat earth with UT and other alternative theories. We're not about to attack you now.

We don't believe in Flat Earth, although we do agree that the earth isn't perfectly round ( or even perfect ), as we've all been led to believe. We feel it's more like a deflated Basket ball shape. Since the earth ( or Gaia, or Mother Earth ) is 80% or 85% water. And since we are all made up of water, we should all drink more water. We feel it cleanses the system out. But since there's no real data that UT works, since there's no real proof. We can't say anything.

Until recently we had never heard of this correlation between UT and Flat Earth. We've asked others in our UT groups around, in a unofficial capacity and found out they most don't believe it either. Is it those who want to call us crazy for performing UT? Some call us crazy to do UT, then those same people go out and buy chocolate covered ants or whatever insect du jour there is.

Some Loopers in the UT community would say we're crazy for even advocating drinking more water.. When as a whole, UT is about better health, and most really should be drinking more clean, filtered water daily!!

Honestly we feel that UT is more regarding the truth of behind the foods we eat. Our nourishment as a whole, should be checked. UT is a way to discover that some of us may just be addicted to sugar or even salt. We've discovered that we have a salt & caffeine addiction. UT is away to empower the individual to take back control of their own health. After all, shouldn't everyone have a vested interest in their own health and not just not be a passive patient???

UT, is so much more, we feel is a way to listen to our bodies, since we're all so distracted with our social media, news, movies, TV, work and our families on a daily basis. Whatever or Whoever that is currently stressing you out.. ( BTW, It isn't greedy to take care of yourself first. Learn from the airlines! )

On this UT website, we discourage, more than encourage, for those adults to perform UT, for their health. does not make any claim of any cures, UT is considered more alternative medicine since the many uses for UT, which are completely different to each one of us individuals. UT isn't just about a health check.

So in wrapping it up ( in a general sense );

The earth is kinda, sorta round, more a deflated basket ball shape.

Nikola Tesla, is/was massively underrated. He did discover a great many things and had over 700 different patents. ( Not sure if Mr. Tesla did UT or not )

UT or Urine Therapy, is whatever you make of it.

And, No, we don't eat those laundry pods. ( Realizing that there is a brand name associated with those laundry packets, but we're not prepared to compensate them for the use of that brand name! )

Hope you've enjoyed the humorous article above, Leave your comments below.

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