Exploding Teeth

Long story..

I've had a tooth disintegrate as of late. Disclaimer time, I do take care of my teeth and have regular checkups.  These teeth disintegrations were all due to shotty workmanship from a dentist in my distant past. Apparently, I was just a pay check to him.

Back several years ago while on vacation, ( my opposite tooth to this current problematic tooth ) on the other side of my mouth, just... Just fell apart while brushing. The one dentist I saw while there on vacation, made sure it wasn't another dentist near him, before he told me the truth. He then told me that the dentist who did the dental work, probably "hated me" ( The dentist's words ).

Now back to current day, this tooth fell apart, first a small section of the tooth was dislodged a few months ago. It was just a small section of  the tooth, and it was fine.  My current dentist decided not to do anything at the past check up.

Then an accidental involvement with a fork, while eating and laughing, finished off the tooth. It seems that one of the tines of the fork managed to pierce the tooth and took another chunk off and revealed a hole.

And then soon after I started to get a moth ball scent from the tooth. My dentist told me it was a necrotizing gas from the tooth. Because the tooth in question was in fact, hollow.

So I lived with the hole in the tooth for awhile while squabbling with my dentist claiming that a temporary fix would just cause the gasses to build and explode. Oh great, so now my teeth are exploding?? Yet my ( now former ) dentist felt a root canal was best. Even though the tooth had already had a root canal.. ( The Dentist didn't say explode, it was more of a gas would emit from my tooth. I thought perhaps it was a ignitable gas, then I could shoot flames from my mouth.. )

Now the interesting part about all this, isn't the tooth... the interesting part is where UT comes in. I found, is that UT had helped the tooth change the necrotizing gas. From a unpleasant moth ball type of scent, to a pleasant blueberry scent. ( I wasn't even drinking blueberry tea or anything at that point. )

My dentist ( and my doctor, gynecologist..etc. all ) know that I perform UT on a daily basis. They just basically turn a deaf ear to me when I discuss any alternative medicines or procedures that I do. Which is fine, as it's my life.

During the healing process, my dentist was pleased that my healing was far advanced, which I told them was due to the UT swishing treatments I had been performing. The receptionist was so impressed with my find that she wanted to sniff my breath. Awkward, I know..

At least she wasn't automatically dismissive and actually wanted to learn more about UT.

Here is a video on another UT case involving teeth.

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