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We are people who have always had a interest in Urine therapy as a health supplement.  We were amazed to hearing stories of people surviving dehydration by consuming their own urine. We later found out on that there are healing properties of urine therapy and wanted to investigate more.

We started this site because we found a lot of disinformation regarding Urine Therapy. And wanted to debunk a lot of myths on the subject. And since there was no real research being done since there are no government grants or research fund accessible for the researcher to conduct any type of studies. We decided to try finding evidence of this ancient method of keeping healthy.

*PLEASE NOTE* - We are not a doctors and we are not your doctor(s)!  We are just UT enthusiasts, aka researchers, if you will. Who feel there is more to this idea/thought than what we are all being told. Yes, its not the most pleasant of dinner conversations, that doesn't mean that the ancients got it wrong..

And now there are more of us, as this site is getting more and more popular with the changing of people's mind set.  We can now start an Exploration into Urine Therapy!

Disclaimer: As with any new therapy, always check with your doctor/heath care provider/physician before starting any health regiment.
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