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Female Disposable Urine Director (10 Pack)

P-MATE's are disposable, sanitary, single use cardboard urine directors used to promote hygiene and comfort by allowing females to urinate (pee pee) standing. When unfolded to the "open funnel" position and snugly placed between the legs to fit against the body and tilted downward (use of gravity is a MUST) it allows females to stand to void (pee); which eliminates the need to "squat". *** THESE MAY NOT BE FLUSHED *** P-MATE's work well for women with orthopedic problems (knee or hip problems), for use in port-o-lets/ portapotty (public loo). P-MATE's require lowering the pants (and underwear) slightly to accommodate the downward tilt that is necessary to prevent spilling. P-Mates are made of recycled materials and finely waxed cardboard for stability. They fit discreetly in pocket or purse. Made for the Woman on the go, these disposable women's urine funnel are great for outdoor adventures.

  • P-Mate is a Disposable Urine Director so females can stand to pee when necessary!
  • No more squatting over public toilet or port-a-potty.
  • Easy to use: just position, pee and toss.
  • Easy to transport, folds to fit in a pocket!
  • Great for women with orthopedic problems.

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