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super-bug medicines

Superbug detected in health tourists from South Asia
ABC Online
BRENDAN TREMBATH: Dr David Livermore is the director of the antibiotic resistance monitoring unit at the Health Protection Agency in North London.

A come back is being made in our hospitals and no its not a cure. Its the reintroduction of Super-bugs. These super-bugs are drug resistant bugs that have become more powerful than any of the medicines known to fight them.

With all the hands sanitizers and sanitizing soaps, sprays and all the thousands of other products currently available. Scientists have discovered that we are being too clean for our own good. Then the super-bugs can attack us and even when we’re recovering in a hospital.

Some doctors have advised not to constantly use hand sanitizers but a regular soap in every day hand washing. That will help you in the long run because we need some good bacterial to help our anti-bodies be strong in our bodies.

CBS News

Alarming Uptick of Deadly Superbugs in Hospitals
CBS News
Spellberg said “there are increasing cases of infections caused by bacteria that are resistant to every FDA-approved antibiotic.

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