Urine Therapy

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Urine Therapy for Better Health

Some have asked about urine therapy information. The most usual questions on  Urine therapy are:

  • Are there side effects?
  • Does it taste bad?
  • How can you even think about doing it?
  • It isn't proven at all to work?
  • Even urine therapy for weight loss?

To all those disbelievers we have to inform you, there are a LOT more disgusting things ingested on a daily basis more so than your own urine. If you think that you're safe eating vegetables think again! Who really knows what is in their food or drink, if it is grown in a open field then there is the risk of everything from wildlife to workers urinating around and in between your rows of precious vegetables.. Not all farms supply port-a-potties.... Also consider wildlife too.. Just a thought!

So in saying all that the only way to truly take control of your health is for you to NOT be a Passive Patient.  And why would doctors or researchers do any sort of research on urine, first its not a popular topic, try to remember the last time you brought it up with friends over dinner..  And also how can doctors financially benefit from something that you yourself produce. So no research is being done on this subject.

There are several speculations as to where and when this practice first came to light, some state that in ancient India the practice of Amaroli was first introduced. Urine therapy has been known to cure such skin related disorders as acne, athletes foot, even a callus remedy. Others claim it has some cancer fighting qualities but there is no tangible evidence to prove it or not.

Urine Therapy

The practice of Urine Therapy is as easy as getting a cup and in mid stream first thing in the morning capture some urine. Many will add orange juice or even lemon, or juice in general to the urine to make it more palatable. Some will wait for it to cool others prefer it to be warm. Really this is all up to your individual preference.

What it does is, creates a flu like symptom which alerts your bodies anti-bodies to amplify your body's immune system there for attacking the foreign object. Much like a flu shot does which introduces the virus into your body there for giving your system a fighting chance.

Urine Therapy

You do not need much urine to perform this, a little will do and once a day if possible is the best to do. Urine Therapy may not be fore every one, but with the current attitudes changing towards more of a natural type of medicine and healing. I can see why more and more are getting interested in Urine Therapy.

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