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"Loopers " are those who are in the act of "Looping". Looping is defined as someone who basically wakes in the morning, drinks some water ( depends on the individual ), then nothing but drinking urine throughout their day.

Loopers may even experience a drunk-like state when looping. Drunk-like is usually where alcohol has been consumed. This may or may not occur until after several ounces or even gallons/ liters have been consumed. We have also heard of a overall "calmness" with extensive urine consumption.

Some who have gone on Looping sessions, may also call this a "Urine Fasts" which can last for hours, days or even weeks. Drinking nothing but urine all day long. When is it enough?? Is that, in fact crazy??

Even for the truly devoted, the committed Looper, some have claimed that even the act of drinking clean, or distilled water before UT, is an abomination of UT.

Which is why we say UT is about good or better health as Urine Therapy is different to us all. Looping, or even UT may not be right for you. It is the individual who can judge what they need, as we cannot judge, "To each their own", as we say.