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Urolagnia (or urophilia, undinism) which is the practice of ingesting urine for sexual excitement, which is not considered urine therapy. We do not condone this activity as it could become harmful to the person ingesting urine for prolonged periods of time. Often forgoing the drinking of water, to replenish our bodies. Also the activity could also proof harmful if urine was drank from a partner who was on particular types of medicine. And it could possibly have the chance of passing on to the new person, aka host.

That is why we suggest that Urolagnia is not Urine Therapy or UT.  UT is a way to check ones urine throughout the day, not drinking gallons of urine at a time..

There are many pornographic websites out there that promote Urolagnia also known as  urophilia, undinism, as a fetish, We most certainly are not one of them. We are promoting UT as a personal health alternative, not for sexual gratification.

Again, we always suggest discussing with your doctor or health care provider about Urine Therapy, before trying it. You maybe taking a medicine that maybe harmful to you if taking it as a double dose from the remaining expelled from your body.

For more information on Urolagnia (or urophilia, undinism) ( click the link Wikipedia )