Urotherapy – Exploration into Urine TherapyExploration into Urine Therapy

off What You Should Know About Urine Therapy

Urine Therapy has been used for centuries for common skin ailments, such as acne medicine to athletes foot, callus remedy even a eczema & psoriasis treatment. Hair loss is a more recently claim.

What is Urine anyways?  Urine is 95% water which contains left over hormones, minerals, salts,  and urea, basically it is what is not needed by the body at that time. Therefore it should not be call urine a wast product.

Since there are so many different uses for urine one can clean a wound with it but only if it is fresh urine in a survival situation, it is sterile. Water plants with it, clean skin as mentioned of some common conditions.

The result of a breakdown of nitrogen compounds. Acting as an emollient cream, it can trap water in the skin. This helps with eczema.

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